About Us

Since its establishment, Tonglu has always adhered to the innovation of talent strategy and adopted new measures to achieve leapfrog development. Tonglu adheres to the development concept of "management efficiency enhancement, talents strengthening the enterprise, and culture invigorating the enterprise", vigorously develops the talent introduction strategy, and uses the establishment of an elite team as the starting point to promote the institutionalization, standardization, specialization and youthfulness of operation and management Efficient running track. In the talent strategy, a unique "project + talent + technology + management" market-based selection and employment mechanism and cultivating incentive mechanism have been gradually formed, giving full play to the creative vitality and motivation of all employees, and contracting major customers for the company Orders, upgrading of qualifications, and expansion have laid a solid foundation. 

At present, Tonglu has more than 30 employees, with high-educated and high-tech compound talents growing rapidly; there are a large number of professionals with a large distribution, wide coverage, and distinct layers. The proportion of employees with a bachelor’s degree or above is 75.6%, and many of them come from well-known domestic institutions of higher learning, such as Hunan University, Hunan Normal University, and Yangzhou University, with good educational background and professional attainme

Tonglu takes the consumer as the core, with excellent product and service quality as the core competitiveness, and it is our responsibility to provide customers with international quality standard adult products. Through the optimization and innovation of marketing and management models, we continue to introduce new series of products. Improve service standards, use innovative business models, combine the advantages of capital, management, technology and international and domestic high-quality partners, and commit to the interpretation of innovative concepts and the interpretation of the characteristics of adult products private enjoyment and perfectionism. It adopts a strict product selection mechanism, and selects every product according to strict standards to ensure the high-end product quality and taste, and match it with the best online shopping experience and the best after-sales service.

Under the guidance of the great strategy of the national one belt and one road, Tonglu will always adhere to a scientific and stable development approach, with customers as the core, team as the starting point, and standardization as the basis, to implement the development of technology-based enterprises, teams and strong enterprises. Philosophy, consolidate existing achievements and market share, focus on new expansion of adult products, focus on green development, ecological development and smart development, help customers discover value, realize value and value appreciation, and achieve leap-forward development of the enterprise in mutual benefit and win-win situation. To build Tonglu Development into a first-class enterprise with good social reputation and market reputation. "Only development can survive;

 only innovation can grow; only dare to be the first to create the future", this is Tonglu's determination to focus on the future and seek development. Integrate the advantages of multiple resources, promote the co-existence of the industry, take the quality brand and management innovation as the wings, unite the joint efforts of all employees, work together in the same boat, shoulder ups and downs, and develop scientifically. We believe that the future of Tonglu will be more brilliant!